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Our Event Group!  

This is a list of Vendors we work with on a regular basis.  

Lets just say that if you want the A Team on your event, this is the list to pick from.   

They are all certified Rock Stars, and the list is bigger than what you see here.  

Of course we can't list all of our favorites but every wedding is the Super Bowl and its only right you start right here!!    More names to come! 


Event Planner

LEP Wedding & Events
(Lindsay Parkin)

Lindsay is a legit Rock Star!  She is a pleasure to work with. 

She and the LEP team are an absolute package of fun!  

Here is her contact info,

and tell her BEST DAY EVER EVENT GROUP sent you!  

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Event Planner

Eventful Moments (Cindy Morley)

Cindy is a complete professional and the most experienced.  Her events are fun,  run smooth and are always flawless.  We as a DJ team love working with her.  Here is her contact information and tell her BEST DAY EVER EVENT GROUP sent you!~ 

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Professional, experienced, and fun!  Andres knows where to be, and never misses a moment.  Working with him is like hand and glove!  His clientele is very impressive, and he is money well spent!  Here is his contact info and tell him BEST DAY EVER EVENT GROUP sent you! 

Ayala Films (Andres Ayala)

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Serendipity Floral (Sara Schnitzius)

There isn't much that can be said about Sarah that the industry doesn't already know.  She is the BEST!  Her work is recognizable on the spot, and makes any room pop at first sight.  If Floral is on top of your list of importance, then you must start with Sarah!  Here is her contact info, and tell her BEST DAY EVER EVENT GROUP sent you! 

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